Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Olympia Comic Fest Recap and a Contest

We had a blast at the Olympia Comics Festival and definitely intend to go back next year. But before I get into that, let me mention that we are having a contest over on The Jerks for its 2-year anniversary. Go to The Jerks Comic Facebook page to vote which colors you think we will use for Georgie when we switch to a color format next Tuesday and you could win a poster of Arthur.
Bender thinks you should vote in the contest! (We saw him at Oly Fest)
Back to Olympia Comics Festival. Some of the highlights include a lady who got a feeling/action commission for a friend, a little girl who loves squids, and the spectacular artist to our left (right from the point of view of the walkers), Mita Mahato. Mita started doing paper cut comics in January and people were really interested. Granted, she did have a really cool three-ring binder of her original paper-cut comics. Great stuff there.
Right side of our table
Bubbles and other tales debuted at the festival so it got the center
The Jerks were confined to the left side of the table by Abe
Our view across the aisle
The show was pretty packed and had lots of great exhibitors. I even got to go around and get some stuff and we did some trades. Here are the great books we got at the convention:
  • Mita Mahato: At Least Stay Close, Life Lines (very sweet), Unidentified Feeling Object (gorgeous)
  • Leda Zawacki: Nuddles of Cute (I adore the first comic in this collection, in particular), Nuddles of Cute, special editiion
  • P. Calavara: Those Infernal Machines, 9 Ways to Sock a Fish, The Trenchant Puppy (I laughed out loud at both of these. He’s a clever guy.)
  • Sera Stanton: A Miniature Bestiary
  • Bandit Rabbit Ink: Milk and Carrots 2
  • Fischer and Khmara: Une Petite Romance (loved it – beautiful colors)
Angela drawing away on commissions or something
We also got to go to Danger Room Comics, pretty much my favorite comic store I have ever been to. First we popped in before they were open so all you people in Olympia can get our comics through their store. All of them! Pretty cool. Then we popped in later to buy stuff. And that is another reason this store is great. They had almost no marvel/dc stuff. The whole store pretty much was devoted to indie/alternative. I almost got BPRD Vol2 hard back, but instead I got Kiki De Montparnasse by Catel and Bocquet. And Blue by Pat Grant. And I Kill Giants by Kelly and Niimura (which we just read from the library and had to buy because it is so awesome). And Evolution by Jay Hosler. And Adventure Time #1. Whoops. Great stuff. I am really excited to read them all.

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