Friday, March 23, 2012

We are still working

I was close to forgetting a blog post for March. Abe is currently going to school for publishing arts and while he is learning better how to make and print comics, he is really busy with school so the Flying Dodo projects are getting pushed off. But the good news is that he is learning a ton, he is doing great in his classes and loves it, and he graduates in June. So mid-June, we should have more time to publish things. And in the meantime, some of his school projects are making some additional weird things to sell or give away.
Anyways, lots is happening at the Flying Dodo Headquarters, just not much to really announce. If you missed it, we posted The Autovoyuerist to read online. But Abe is still working on the print version. We are still color comic newbs, so we need to correct the color I did on the computer for printing. Mostly it is just too dark. If you are interested in $1.50 copies from the Reject bin, comment here or send us an email and we will make those available. They will be available eventually. About five are hand bound, but the rest of these rejects will be stapled. They are unworthy of the love and time of hand sewing.
We also have a new book in the works about chickens and coyotes. This one is a little different and is technically not a comic, I guess. It has been a fun project though and I am really looking forward to seeing it in print. The art is all done, or nearly done (I still need to draw the cover art). Abe is spending his spring break putting together the layout for the book. What a partier.
Beard monster sketch - you can see his tri-beard has three different style of inking
I am also in the pencil stage of 2 comics, a small one about bubbles (that will be in an anthology if possible!) and a comic about a beard. The beard comic started life way back in December. This one is also unique as it is based on a poem. Sort of a ballad. The art style is more detailed than our other comics so far and should be a hoot.
So keep your eyes peeled for our new mini comics and other items. Also get excited to hear about the conventions we will be at – you can see we are already signed up for the Portland Zine Symposium. Should be interesting. We’ll put more news here for you greedy little eyes as it becomes available.