Flying Dodo Publications
Flying Dodo Publications was created in 2011 by Angela Boyle and Abe Olson to publish all the comics they create. Based in Seattle, Washington, the comics are currently available online in both digital and print copy and also at The Comic Stop shops in the greater Seattle area, specifically in Lynnwood.

Angela Boyle and Abe Olson live in North Seattle with two corgi’s, Nisa and Ernie. They supposedly also live with a cat named Nermal. They create a web comic, The Jerks, at the-jerks.com: written by Abe, illustrated by Angela. When they are not working on comics, they like to ride bikes and watch sci-fi tv shows.
Angela is a technical writer by day and a comic artist by evening and weekend. She graduated from the University of Washington’s Technical Communication engineering program. Angela illustrates all of the Flying Dodo Publications comics and writes some of them. You can see more art by Angela at lunavalse.deviantart.com and read her blog, with sketches, at inkyphalangies.blogspot.com.
Abe writes some of the Flying Dodo Publications comics, is the IT guy, and does all of the layouts for the comics. Abe works sporadically at a movie theater. He loves to bake bread and play video games. Abe blogs sporadically athttp://youandiareemployees.blogspot.com/

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