Sunday, June 15, 2014

Science items!

Wowee. Took long enough, but we finally have new items up for sale in the Etsy store. We will be adding more until finally everything is up! We might even add some original artwork. Should be some good stuff.

First up is the comic Angela made after learning all about the horseshoe crab in her Zoological Illustration class fall quarter. She made this comic over winter break because she was exploding with interesting information about this creepy little animal.

Then the poster that spawned the research that led to the comic. This poster was an assignment in her class first quarter, but the only rules were that it had to be about the crab. Which meant doing her own research. It was hard to pick a topic with so much information about these weird guys.

Last but certainly not least, the tapir poster! You have probably heard about Angela's fascination with tapirs over the last year or so. This is why. She knew she would have to pick a topic for her Vertebrate Illustration class. And tapirs are adorable.

So go grab your favorite posters and comics now. We also have lowered the price on the 2011 comics collection from $20 to $15 so grab it before they are all gone.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Swimming dodos

I actually meant to post these here last week but posted them to my comic Spaz Hands on accident.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Olympia Comic Fest doodles

We were at Olympia Comic Festival on Saturday and as always, we had a blast. Spent way to much at Danger Room. Also got to meet the fantastic Hannah Fisher who made "It Was Farts," which I saw lots of people carrying around.
Here are some of the $2 water color doodles I did while there.

Astronaut guinea pig

Cocky Kirk

Sassy Uhura

Tax mole

Grumpy Spock

Squirrel in love

A Kirk that turned into Bones

Cat-like tapir

Corgi catching a squirrel