Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bellingham ComiCon 2012 wrap up

We survived Bellingham ComiCon. It was quite a turn out. Way busier than last year and I believe busier than Jet City Comic Show. It was exhausting and fun. I love meeting all those people. Abe went even though he had a sinus infection. What a stud.
Angela at the booth

If you are from Whatcom County, and I hope we have some new readers from there, you might have seen some images on the Bellingham Herald’s Take 5 that are pretty familiar in these parts. Yes, Angela’s art was featured on the cover. Pretty thrilling.
Angela drawing

Angela, of course, made tons of little drawings again. People seem to enjoy them and they are fun to make. So they will likely be at all future cons for $2. You can always tell who the Doctor Who fans are because they call them adipose, but I really did start drawing these before I saw that adorably creepy episode.
Mini drawings

More mini drawings

If you are in Whatcom County and just can’t get enough of us, we will be up again on Saturday, November 17 for an art show at Egress Studio from 1-7 at 5581 Noon Rd, just outside Bellingham. And if you stay in the area, on Sunday, Abe and Angela will be teaching a workshop on comics collaboration for $35. We’ll show how we collaborate. Then attendees will get to practice collaboration together and hopefully walk out with a minicomic. Email Abe at or Angela at or Anita of Egress Studio at Hope to see you there!