Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awesome 'Possum!

Angela finally did it. We have launched a Kickstarter for a natural science themed comic anthology called Awesome 'Possum. You should go check it out. I hear it is going to be awesome.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cafe Bambino show

Angela has art up at Cafe Bambino in Ballard (Seattle). It well be there for the month of July.

Here's all the pieces up. To the right when you walk in. These are all original art, but there are also prints for sale.

Cat vertebra, scratch board. $25

Head of garlic, watercolor with ink on an overlay. $30

Capybara, acrylic. $36

Beastie in the swamp, watercolor. $20

Immature bald eagle, pen and ink. $120

Banana slug, graphite and watercolor. $65
This is my favorite piece, I think.

The Hee Hee Tapir, pen and ink. $60
Another favorite

Dodo and the apple tree, acrylic. $70
Another favorite. I suppose I should stop saying that.

Pigeon spying popcorn, pen and ink. $120

Yearling elk (I am pretty sure that's what the skull is), graphite and watercolor. $60

Mushroom and watermelon playing cards, ink and watercolor. $35

Shaggy mane, pen and ink, $80

Bear and emu drunken love, watercolor and pen and ink. $35

Alia in the swamp, brush and ink. $120
These are two of my original characters.