Thursday, March 27, 2014

007 Dodos

Some James Bond dodos. Of course, Abe's idea. I forgot to post last couple if weeks because I was so busy! Two finals, end of quarter release at work, and I signed up to do a Real Change illustration in the middle of all that like a big dummy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upcoming appearances

Good news!
Angela will be at Exterminator City in Greenwood, Seattle, WA on April 5, Saturday. It is a small underground comics market and the more people come the better! It should be good.

Then on June 7, Saturday, Abe and Angela will be at the always awesome Olympia Comics Festival.

These two appearances nicely bookend Angela's last quarter of the Natural Science Illustration program. So there will be a good chance of new natural science themed comics and prints.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dodos and their pets

New week of dodos. Next week I might not use graph paper...

With a gold fish. Because gold fish crave their walks.

Of course a dodo with its corgi based on Ernie. Because every corgi I draw is based on Ernie, the best dog ever.

This really seems like the most convenient way to take your bird for a walk.

I think this is my favorite. That is a capybara. I was inspired by capybaras are the world largest rodent and incredibly cute and look really mellow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blast it!

Well, I have put it everywhere else, so I am adding it here too. Angela now has a Society 6 shop where you can currently buy art prints and pillows and totes! Amazing, right?
That chimera is the one available on shirts, totes, pillows, and even a shower curtain. Weird stuff, right?

Abe has some of his beautiful photography up for sale on SmugMug! And if you haven't been keeping up with his Shot of the day project for 2014, you should be. Great stuff going on there.

If you aren't a fan on our Facebook page, go for it. When we hit 50 people, one lucky dog (or human I guess) will get their own portrait dodo avatar. Like the ones smothering this page.

OK. I will leave you to now browse through all the awesomeness in those links.