Thursday, June 20, 2013

Real Change illustrations

Real Change is a newspaper in Seattle with the goal of giving a voice to the homeless. The mostly work with volunteers to create the newspaper. Angela has started volunteering as an illustrator for book reviews. Her first illustration is posted for a review of Harvest. If you are wandering around Seattle, chances are you will see someone selling Real Change. So grab a copy for $2 and you might get some art by Angela!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Olympia comics festival

As always, we had a great time at Olympia Comics Festival. Looking around from our booth, there was obviously some great stuff. But I have no control with comics, so I did not leave the booth. Abe got a T-shirt of Super Hamster, which was a mini comic I got at Danger Room a few months prior.

We went back down the next weekend so now you can get our new comics there:
- Delicate Souffle
- Great Beard
- Spaz Hands, Vol. 1

And I accidentally bought a bunch of comics. Gabrielle Bell's "San Diego Diary" was great. I also got "Fanny & Romeo" because the art is by Pascal Girard and I will basically buy anything he does.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Delicate Souffle

We have a new comic nice and ready. And there are two more coming!

First up we have Delicate Souffle. A woman with a delicate heart makes delicate chocolate souffles. Will she remain so delicate when her heart is broken?
You can buy it on our Etsy shop or at Comic Stop in the U District in Seattle.
We will also have it at Olympia Comic Festival this Saturday, June 8! And if you want to read it first, you can of course read the whole thing here.
Anyways, here are some gratuitous phone shots of the printing process.

Finished book!
Home from the printers, still in the plastic wrap.
2-up print job waiting to be cut.
Proofs on plain paper.