Friday, June 15, 2012

Alces caeruleus print

We have a number of things to announce. First up, we have a print for sale up on our Etsy site! This is a print of a painting by Angela, Alces caeruleus. The original is watercolor and sumi ink. The print is 5×7 inches, the same as the original painting. You can buy it for your very own for $10.
Alces caeruleus in the wild

We also have news on The Jerks front. It was our two-year anniversary of the strip on June 8th, so we went to color. Angela still does all the inking, but now Abe lays in color. To accomodate the new color strip so it looks nice, we updated the colors of the site, too, and the banner will be updated to something appropriate soon. :)
Before changing to color, we have a contest on The Jerks Facebook page to guess the lip color we would use on Georgie. We only had five people guess, so everyone is a winner! They get a poster of Arthur. Cedar guessed correctly, so she also wins a set of bookmarks. We will get pictures of the lucky winners as we can and post them here.
Screen-printed two-tone poster of Arthur from The Jerks

That’s it for now, but expect more soon. Abe’s out of school, our dashing new graduate, so he will get to spend a lot of time working on Flying Dodo Publications. We have some great ideas brewing up!

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