Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Olympia Comics Festival 2012

I am just under the wire getting a second blog post in for May. But this one is about June. Still counts. Anyways, guess where you can find Abe and me this Saturday. At the Olympia Comics Festival! Guess what they’ll have? Tons of stuff! All the usual comics and some new items that will be available for sale on our Etsy story after this comic fest.
We’ll have a new book there called Bubbles and other tales. It is hot off the presses. It is a collection of tiny little silent stories (for the most part) starring these little pillow people. I realized later that maybe I was inspired to make these characters by the adorable guys on MochiMochi. You might recognize the pillow people if you read my blog because they have turned into my go-to doodle. On Sunday, we will post a website for Bubbles and other tales.
Cover image for Bubbles and other tales
I will also be doing small commissions. They are just simple little ones for $1 where I draw a pillow person based off an action and an emotion that you tell me. I will have some premade ones for $1 OBO (or best offer), too. These are only available at conventions. Oh, yeah, and you can grab a ready one for free with any purchase.
Apathetic Tetherball
We will also have Abe’s stuff, which means prints of Arthur and Georgie, bookmarks, and the pladycupidus t-shirts. And don’t forget that if you have an ashcan copy of Bubbles and other tales, which we handed out at Stumptown and should be available at the U District Comic Stop in Seattle, you get a free pillow people commission. Just bring your copy by!

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