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Stumptown 2012 - Schtuff

So life got in the way and I didn’t get to post this right away. Actually, I think it is a week late, so sorry about that. The site went FUBAR for a bit and then I got a little illustration job that took up all my time. But here it is! Our stuff! And it is great stuff. Worth the wait.
Look at it in all it's glory spread out on our teeny tiny couch!
Oh man, we got so much freakin’ stuff. This year, we brought comics to trade and ended up trading away 20 copies of our various comics. The most popular was Ooh! Shiny, but part of that is because we specifically picked it out for a few people. So I am just going to make a list of the awesome stuff we got from awesome people.
Exhibitors at Stumptown 2012
Shing Kohr. I drew a little fan art of her web comic Marlowe the Monster and she posted it on her site. We have been slowly conversing over Twitter for a while now and it was so great to meet her. We traded books and I got one of her wonderful monster paintings on wood. I also got a copy of her book of Marlowe the Monster and I am surprised what a great book it is. It is so adorable and I am glad I got to reread the whole thing in my hands. It really is just proof again how much more I like reading comics in hard copy than online. We also got some beautiful postcards! And octopus and jellyfish in love, female hiveblob (gorgeous colors), and Marlowe as a beautiful fairy! I very much look forward to seeing her again and to much more Marlowe in the future. She had sculptures of him to look at on her table and I was a little star-struck.
Don't you wish you had met Shingh? She is super friendly and I want to cover my walls with her stuff.
Liz Conely. She was a huge inspiration to us last year so we had to say hi this year. I got a beautiful print of a girl in the rain and we traded for a beautiful laser cut card. This card kind of blows my mind. I just want to keep looking at it. This year, she also has a new thing, water colors of food. They look great. I didn’t get one, but now I think I should have.
2D Cloud .The Old Guys by Will Dinski and Mark Ehling. This is a crazy little mini comic that is a single sheet folded like an accordion. Beautifully published. #104 of 200. Arthur Turnkey, Vol. 1 by Toby Jones, Alex Horab, Madeline Querpel, and Amanda Thomas. This one is silly and a bit like ‘Princess of Mars.’
Studious Scribbles by Chuck Groenink. A mini comic of illustrations and scribbles. They are beautiful and he was kind enough to draw a little sketch in the front for me. The illustrations are fantastical and woodsy. I would love to see some in color.
And here's Chuck drawing in the front for me!
Nurse Nurse by Skelly. I totally already read this. It was really funny and kind of cute in a weird way. The story runs by at breakneck pace. Sparkplug booth.
Tugboat Press. Papercutter, issue thirteen. I loved the first story. The other two stories were good, but the art in the first story was amazing (by Matt Wiegle). Runner Runner is a free comic they were handing out. I have only been able to read a few pages so far, but it was lots of diversity in style, which is super fun.
Natalie Nourigat. I got two mini comics from her: Over the surface and Bridging the Gap. Both are good, but Bridging the Gap was my favorite for story and Over the Surface was my favorite for art.
Evan Palmer. I got a number of his books. Cooking with Food was great and I want to try all the recipes! There’s only three, but I look forward to future volumes. Yum.
Anna Bongiovanni. The Pure Bones. I didn’t exactly understand what was going on in this comic. There seems to be four stories and one is interspersed with the others. But it is really good. I loved the ‘Christine’ section. And holy cow! The cover and chapter pages are gorgeous. There was so much beautiful printing at this show. The Feast – this one is in conjunction with Evan Palmer. Beautiful art. I had to pick it up. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.
Anise. Tomato Chicken! This is a cute little mini comic. And the back, it turns out this is an ongoing series. This one also has recipes in the back that I will have to try. I will also have to try making a cooking comic.
S. Mann’s Snail Cat’s Fiercest Foes and Other Challenges. This one made me laugh. It is just really silly.
Sfe M. The Eerie Beast Book, Volume 1. I would love to see this as a coloring book. We also got a hand drawn seal that is just so adorable and a print of the Crowned Lord of the Forest. Beautiful colors in the print. I wrinkled it just a little.
Reid Psaltis. We go so much. The Naturalist and Outside In are both awesome in construction and the stories are wacky and funny. They are single sheets of paper, printed on both sides and folded so the comic gets bigger each time you open it. Another idea I want to try out. Carry On, Carrion. This is a story about crows. So we gave him our crow book for trade. It is beautiful. Screen printed cover. I love the text on the back. The Malaise Trap – with Jack Bracken. I read the first page and am really interested. This one is about half text, so it is more like an illustrated story than a comic. Also, great cover! Sheesh. Cryptozoology, a pragmatist’s guide. A list of animals. I have actually wanted to do a book like this for a long time, but I think he did better than I would have. I have been reading it and it is just marvelous.
Ted Naifeh. I got Polly and the Pirates Vol.2. I just read Vol 1. He signed it for me too. He seems like a really nice guy and totally looks like one of his characters.
Buttersafe! Well, we ran out of money so I didn’t get to buy a shirt, but I can get one online. They were really nice and fun to talk to. They gave us a small collection of short comics from their web comic. They have so many dratted great shirts.
Blue beehive. I saw this print last year and wanted it so I got it this year. I was in such a hurry at the end of the day that I didn’t see who I got it from!! So if anyone knows, let me know! It is beautiful. She also has the cerebus pug print and nerd skull, which I also wish I had bought.
Jeff Lemire. I got to meet him. I was going to get Essex County, but I will have to get that later. He did sign my copy of Sweet Tooth Vol. 1. And I got to tell him how much I enjoy the story.
Jeff Lemire signing my vol 1 of Sweet Tooth (I bought Essex County on Free Comic Book Day)
Womanthology. Holy smokes, I finally got it. This is one of the books that has annoyed me in my attempts to get my hands on it, so I won’t go to into it. But I was so happy to find it! And then I made Abe carry it around for a few hours. It’s huge!
Blacksad - Abe’s pick, but the art is amazing. Abe handed it to me and I flipped through a bit. Wow. I was so impressed and can’t wait to read it.
Petrograd - Another of Abe’s picks. About Rasputin. It’s sad. That’s about all Abe said other than he thinks I’ll like it.
I am so looking forward to next year. Either at a booth or wandering again. I had so much fun wandering this year that I definitely look forward to it again.

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