Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ECCC 2013

Susie-PR-webIt’s a little late to post about, but Angela had a great time walking around Emerald City ComiCon. She says she wussed out only being able to last 6 instead of the whole 9 hours. She handed out a comic that we will post here soon.
Here are some highlights. This is our way of telling you all the cool things you should check out. But first, some warnings. This is what happens when not only are all the pictures taken by Angela on her phone, but then she cleans them up to post. Abe is usually in charge of that crap.
Also, this was the only cosplay Angela captured on camera because it was too weird not to.

Anyways, on to the cool stuff. Tinplate studios has great jewelry with eyeballs! Even better,Travesty in a Tea Cup! Seriously, creepy stuff. Check it out. They all look great.
Wool Buddy has adorable felted creatures. And a huge felted T-Rex! Like 2.5 feet tall. Angela should have taken a picture.

Angela got this adorable piece of art that reminds her once again to always grab a business card and keep it with the art. Come on artists! Always put your contact info on everything for us poor idiotic slobs who buy your lovely art and want more! But through a little research, I think it is Phil McAndrews.

Angela dorked out over Yuko and only just now realized she didn’t even get to see Emily Caroll. What an idiot! Angela loves Emily Caroll’s work. Anways, she blubbered over Yuko, showing her that the bag she brought to ECCC was the tote from their Kickstarter and drooling over the dream curry recipe. Yuko must have pitied her and gave her a sweet Johnny Wander metallic sticker.

Angela also told Dylan Meconis how awesome her books from Kickstarter (like Bite Me!) were and Dylan sweetly gave her a chicken sticker. She gave them to all Kickstarter donators who stopped by.
Let me make this short. Angela told Mike Holmes how much she enjoyed his blog. She toldNoelle Stevenson how much she loves Nimona, which just won Best Web Comic of the Year. Noelle seemed super excited to hear that since she was at the KaBoom booth for working on their books. Angela told Jason Brubaker how beautiful reMIND is. She told Erika Moen all sorts of stuff about how awesome she is, like being in Strip Search, the Penny Arcade reality show for web cartoonists. And she told Jonathan Case how Dear Creature saved her from hating comics after reading DC’s 52 story arc.
Angela also got some great stuff.

  • Burn by Camilla d’Errico
  • Elfworld volume 1, an anthology by Family Style
  • Wasted Talent, Vol. 1 by Angela Melick – She signed it for her and was totally awesome.
  • Mice Templar, Vol 2.1, which Bryan Glass (twitter), the writer, signed
  • Runner Runner, a free sample from Tug Boat Press (twitter)
  • City of Cards, Issue 1, by CJ Joughin
  • Tag Sampler by a bunch of guys, but the two selling it were awesome and signed and doodled in the book. Love it.
  • The Goon #40 by Eric Powell (twitter), a free copy from Dark Horse that Eric Powell signed for me.
  • The three Flaccid Badger minis by Cat Farris which are worth every penny at $1 each. So cute. Angela was hard pressed to pick a favorite, but she eventually picked Ninja Assassin.


Other Goodies!
Highlight of the show:
Ernie and Nisa portrait by Katie Cook!

After the show, Angela waited for Abe to pick her up and drank hot chocolate. She left when she did because she couldn’t carry any more stuff and her dogs were barking.

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