Friday, August 10, 2012


So in a month, you will be able to see Abe at the Portland Zine Symposium (Aug 11) and me at Geek Girl Con (Aug 11-12) with my mom. My brother, Isaac, will be watching the booth with Abe so he can, you know, eat and go to the bathroom. I will also have a new setup at my booth because I will only have half a table! But it will probably carry over into our over full table at other cons. As part of this consolidation, we will have the 2011 collection of Flying Dodo Comics (and the one 2010 comic) for sale at $20, which is a 33% discount! It includes a little wrapper to hold it all together. I will have some blank-ish ones with me at Geek Girl Con so I can draw something of your choosing.
Flying Dodo Publications 2011 collection

In addition to comics, we will both have prints and I will have necklaces. There will be a few new prints, including “Alces caeruleus.” We will also be offering a special deal at conventions where you can buy “The Saddest Sasquatch” poster (20×30 inches) for free shipping. That’s a savings of $8. The necklaces are $20 for a single panel one and $30 for a 3 panel one. I hope you like them.  All of these will eventually be for sale online.
I also started a new web comic of my own auto-bio stuff, Spaz Hands. It is going to update on Tuesdays and Thursdays for now, but I have a lot so if it so if I can keep up, I might up it to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, eventually. Actually, I think this web comic will include three different styles for different types of comics. And who knows. Maybe I’ll have a sampler to give out at Geek Girl Con.
Abe and Angela skipping (from Spaz Hands)

Abe has also started a new Etsy shop for his photography. I think they’re great, so check them out. His shop is Calamitous Platypus. The photos are mostly flowers, but lots of strange plants, really. Eventually, we might do something together with his photos similar to the photos at the end of Bubbles and other tales.
Outer space plant, Photo by Abe Olson

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