Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 was great

So I guess now that 2011 is over, we can look back at what a success it was.
Uh, probably most significant – we started Flying Dodo Publications to publish all our comics under. We are loving it.
We published a bunch of comics:
  • Hardly Kind – though it was drawn over my winter break in the last week of December 2010, it was published in January, so that counts right? This was a fun one and is still one of my favorites.
  • Herbert – a great collaboration between Angela and Abe. Not their first, but a good story.
  • One Lemming’s Loss – Angela’s first comic in color.
  • Ooh! Shiny – this one took all summer and longer. Probably one of the most difficult ones because Angela had to print all the linocuts.
  • The Fire Breather – first one in water color. This was all painted over a three day weekend and the next night.
  • Fart Happens: The Jerks Year One – we published the first year of The Jerks in a book!
  • The Autovoyuerist – I am not sure if this technically counts. It was published in December, but we have to sell them as rejects because something went wrong. Except real copies soon.
We published mini comics!
We put some of the published comics up to read online! This one barely counts because we did it the last two nights of December, but we got them done!! We will continue to put more up for the rest of January and publish new ones online as we finish them.
We put comics up for sale IN COMIC STORES! The Comic Stop people are great and you can find our comics at the one in Lynwood and the one in the U District. Both are great stores and the people who work there are super friendly.
We also had our first booths at comic conventions: Bellingham ComiCon and Jet City ComicShow. We had such a good time; we are really looking forward to doing more next year. Yay! As soon as we know which ones we have a table at, we will certainly tell you here. And our own blogs. And on Facebook. And on Twitter. You’ll hear.
Abe started school to learn about publishing, which was a direct result of his work on all our comics this year. He loved working on it when he didn’t know anything and had to learn it all through trial and error. Now that he is in school learning all the crazy things like letter press and even more about desktop publishing, he is ready to burst with excitement.
This was a big year. We started toying with the idea of comics in 2006, but this year we really took the bull by the horns and put in a lot of effort. Angela treated it like a second job, getting home from work at her full time job and spending the rest of the day drawing away and on weekends.

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