Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jet City Comic Show and Bellingham ComiCon

So we went to both the Jet City Comic Show and Bellingham Comicon since we last posted (forever ago!). Abe started school the Monday after Jet City and we’ve been incredibly busy since then. So, here’s our post-con post with pics and everything. Hope you enjoy it.
Here’s our booth at Jet City. I know you can’t tell, but Angela really does have two pony tails.
Jet City Comic Show BoothHere is Angela with her tea, talking to her mom on the phone before the service cut out. Since it was in Seattle and they could drive there in 15 minutes in the morning, both Abe and Angela got to bring some tea to drink from home. Angela had Irish Breakfast and Abe had Golden Monkey-both their favorite teas. Her Starbucks tea mug keeps the tea too hot, so Angela brought a small tea cup to drink out of. How dainty.
Tea and Cell Phones at Jet City Comic Show No pictures of Abe because he was behind the camera. Good way to save a camera though – no broken lenses. Even though Jet City was slow, we had a really good time. Emi Town was across from us. Abe and Angela really enjoyed talking comics with all the great people who stopped by our booth to see what we are all about. Some people asked great questions. Abe particularly enjoyed seeing the demographics of the people who are interested in our comics and honing his sales pitch. Angela got annoyed by the sales pitch, but all she could muster up was to say hi.
Next up, Bellingham ComiCon, which was way busier and hence more fun. Our booth looks almost exactly the same, but switched so Abe could get a picture for his school project. This time you get to see Abe and Angela because Anita came over to take pictures. They were even kind enough to let her in for free when she dropped off our lunch and when she came back later to take their pictures because she forgot her camera the first time.Bellingham ComicCon BoothAren’t they adorable? Those are their normal faces.Nose Picking at Bellingham ComicCon BoothWe were boothed next to Wayward Studios. Abe was kind enough to chat with them for a while after a bathroom break (more about the bathroom break later). They were friendly and nice and we all recognized each other from Jet City.
Anyways, they had their first barter experience. This fella, Jesse James McFarland, traded us his Aric the Redd 24-hr comic for Hardly Kind and then he was awesome enough to buyThe Saddest Sasquatch from us. Here he is chatting with us – great conversation, but we might have had our comic goggles on. :|
Bartering at Bellingham ComicCon BoothGreat fun.
After Bellingham ComiCon, we popped into Anita’s place for dinner and more photos for Abe’s school project. Here is Angela and her mom.Anita and Angela PosingThey are supposed to be fencing not re-enacting their favorite wand duel from Harry Potter.
Anita and Angela DuelingJust to let you know, this was Abe’s final experience at the Bellingham ComiCon bathrooms.
While we were watching the hordes of people walk past our booth, Abe and Angela got talking about things we could do to get those hordes to stop at our booth. We noticed that lots of people stopped at the booths with boobs and butts so we decided we should have some boobs and butts too. Out of this conversation was born Fannie, who is a fan repair service tech.
And that’s our belated Post-Con wrap up. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at a con in the future.
–Flying Dodo

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